As we face a global pandemic, we must ensure LGBTQ+ safety

The Board of Directors of Space Coast Pride has made the difficult decision to cancel our 2021 Festival out of caution in keeping the community safe from the ongoing Pandemic.

Your incredible support is what allows us to do the work we do, including youth programs, food drives, annual events and even the support of other community groups.

We are planning to postpone the Rainbow Run 5K. Stay tuned for more information,

If you have any questions or would like to discuss these details please don’t hesitate to contact Justin Cercone, President, at

Once again, thank you for your support! Please be safe and respect and support others as we all continue to face this World Pandemic.


The Board of Directors, Space Coast Pride

2021 Space Coast Pride Festival + Parade

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Saturday, September 25th, 2021

Historic Downtown Melbourne | Melbourne FL

The Countdown to Space Coast Pride!

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2021 Sponsorship & Vendor Information

This is a great way to get recognized for your commitment to the Space Coast/Brevard County LGBTQ+ community! We put on many events throughout the year, ranging in attendance from small gatherings all the way up to our yearly festival, which brought in over 12,000 attendees in 2019.

If you'd like to contact us regarding a sponsorship, please email

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*Due to high demand and sponsorships getting priority access, indoor booth spaces are not for sale at this time. Once you register for an outdoor spot, you may check the box at the bottom of your registration that states, "Add me to the WAIT LIST". Once you check this box, you will be waitlisted for an indoor space.

Congratulations to our 2021 the Randall D. Kelly/Kelli Randell Memorial Scholarship winners!

The Space Coast Pride Randall D. Kelly/Kelli Randell Memorial Scholarship is an achievement-based award that aims to support the members of our community with their educational development. This scholarship is for Senior high school students who will be in the graduating class of 2021.

Thanks to VERY GENEROUS donors, this year Space Coast Pride was able to award four $1,500 scholarships!

On behalf of the Space Coast Board of Directors, it is with great pride we announce this year’s Randall D. Kelly/Kelli Randell Memorial Scholarship winners:


Jacob Gelman

Attending Brown University majoring in Political Science and Economics, Jacob wishes to use their education to give back to the LGBT+ community by gaining a spot in the policy making institutions of government and using influence to shape America to be a more welcoming place.

Raiden Puna

Raiden is attending the University of Central Florida and majoring in Political Science. By becoming a human rights attorney, Raiden aims to contribute to the LGBTQ+ community by taking cases that serve the LGBTQIA+ community and fight for equality.

Gabriel Salyer

Gabirel will attend University of Mary Washington Honors College majoring in Conservation Biology. Gabriel plans to further trans research and states, “Science brings understanding, and understanding brings acceptance, which is why I am so passionate about it.”

Zachariah Steele

Attending the University of Southern California, Zachariah aims to either become a force of legal representation for other LGBT people or, “serve as a means for proper representation on the screen, humanizing LGBT people to those still remiss in their stereotyping of us as deviants.”


Space Coast Pride continues to monitor the situation. Meetings continue to take place over teleconference. Please watch on social media and our website for newly scheduled events once it has been recommended to do so.

Space Coast Pride wishes you and those dear to you health and peace.

Please contact with questions or concerns.

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What people are saying about Space Coast Pride...

  • Seriously fun street party-- Everyone has a blast!

    Diana Burkett Harclerode Avatar
    Diana Burkett Harclerode

    Loved volunteering at the event! Glad to be there and will be there next year too! Thanks for allowing save the manatee club to be... read more

    Tamara Kadlec Carroll Avatar
    Tamara Kadlec Carroll
  • my very first time performing at a
    read more

    Salma Love Avatar
    Salma Love

    Had a great time at the 5K run! Can’t wait till tomorrow all day pride 🌈🌈

    Robb Scott Avatar
    Robb Scott
  • getting bigger and better every year...When will they start doing a pride day beach blast??? With vollyball nets and a beach party??

    Crina Grewel Avatar
    Crina Grewel

    We had an amazing time!!!

    Ashley Nicole Avatar
    Ashley Nicole
  • everything I hope to attend one day it really sounds awesome

    Scarlett Synklair Avatar
    Scarlett Synklair

    Had a fantastic time out at the parade/festival! First time ever going to any pride events. Great atmosphere. Very nice people. First time seeing... read more

    Ricco Galmore Avatar
    Ricco Galmore
  • Space Coast Pride is an incredible non-profit org that Brevard County should be very proud of! ���

    Tara Jones Avatar
    Tara Jones

    Most amazing group of people I’ve ever worked with and loved, and I’m sooo proud to be part of this family. 😘❤️❤️❤️🏳️‍🌈

    Michelle Zwack Avatar
    Michelle Zwack
  • Anyone please, please, please share my Facebook post yesterday about my girlfriend Caitlin’s incident. She was dragged out a bar by a group of men... read more

    Natalie Beach Avatar
    Natalie Beach

    My first Pride ever!! Thanks so much for making in memorable!

    Chanda Begin Avatar
    Chanda Begin
  • First Pride Fest, and it was awesome. Everyone was so kind and friendly, was super uplifting to see so many families and couples together, and... read more

    Nicole Hartshorne Avatar
    Nicole Hartshorne

    Much gratitude to all the volunteers who have devoted so much of their personal time to make this event possible!

    Julie Minor Avatar
    Julie Minor
  • What can I not say.. Pride is home for so many of us here in Brevard. Where we can be who we are with no... read more

    Lisa Marie Cawthon Avatar
    Lisa Marie Cawthon

    Really nice and friendly people showing community pride and joy. The nicest people in the world!

    David Carlo Avatar
    David Carlo
  • Great group of people. Accepting and encouraging!

    Emily Horton Avatar
    Emily Horton

    Awesome day great event. Thanks to all who supported this non profit organization. An a great thanks to all volunteers.......

    Rebecca Hancock Avatar
    Rebecca Hancock
  • always a great event and Brevard NOW is proud to be there.

    Michele Paccione Avatar
    Michele Paccione

    everything....perfirmers, merchandise, food, drinks...

    Linda Bukowy Avatar
    Linda Bukowy

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